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Lance offers holistic service to build your brand in China

We offer professional service to help brand for e-commerce marketing

Founded in 2016 by Alibaba alumni and based in Shanghai, Lance has a unique cross-cultural team of over 100 employees that serve international brands across a wide range of product categories, providing both best-in-class execution and clear communication.

We are professional in content creation and operation, using content and data-driven principles to build durable brand equity. Lance has a huge amount of KOC resources with more than 3000 signed KOCs and 500 signed models to continuously provide high quality content. 

  • Ziping Zhang

    CEO & Founder

    oined Alibaba in 2012 as founding member of international business development team at, commanding inside experience and working...

  • Jake Astor

    Strategic Partnership Advisor

    Based in China and Hong Kong for the last 10 years, Jake is a successful entrepreneur and experienced private equity professional specializing in the consumer sector

Building better e-commerce marketing and sales

Multi-channel marketing service/ High-quality operation/ New method data analysis/omni-channel e-commerce service

  • Store operations

    Maintain the daily operation and content operation of the entire store to ensure an excellent customer experience while providing continuous and steady growth of online business

  • User Operation

    We use independently developed DOD data analysis systems and third-party data analysis software to collect and analyze data, and our marketing team provides completed marketing services for our customers

  • Content operation

    Short video has become the main form of social information transmission, and users prefer to obtain information through short video rather than text, voice or other forms of information

E-commerce operation

01/ Store operations   

02/ marketing   

03/ Visual design   

04/ Customer service   

05/ Warehousing logistics   

06/ Data analysis and reporting

E-commerce operation

01/ Store operations   

02/ marketing   

03/ Visual design   

04/ Customer service   

05/ Warehousing logistics   

06/ Data analysis and reporting

Creative brand content

01/ Live streaming service

02/ Short-video content seeding

03/ KOL interaction and operation

04/ Out station content seeding

05/ Product visual creativity   

06/ CRM operation and management

Our advantages,Let you rest assured to choose

Familiar with domestic and foreign e-commerce environment, a deep understanding of e-commerce industry development trend and technological innovation

Omni-channel service integration
Our operation services cover the whole channel. and providing comprehensive services on various e-commerce platforms including Tmall,, Amazon, Dangdang, Yixun and other third party platforms
International vision, global strategy
We are committed to become the interpreter and practitioner of digital strategies for international and domestic brands, and to promote market-leading solutions around the world. Lance has established a completed local team and best practices in mainland China and Hong Kong and is working hard to expand into other markets.
One-stop service
Lance provides one-stop solutions and services for brand e-commerce development, including online and store website construction, store operation, digital marketing, order management, warehousing and logistics, order performance and customer service, etc.
Live streaming service
Lance has the professional lives streaming team, for products to customize and appropriate the live streaming script and whole planning, live streaming room decoration, including background layout and sample display

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Empower enterprise transformation, cooperate with enterprise development, leading enterprise innovation

Currently we provide services for more than 30 international well-known brands, helping enterprises to realize technological innovation,

improve enterprise operation efficiency and reduce the enterprise costs.