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Our company is established in 2016 by former Alibaba members, with cross-cultural team of over 100 employees. We are experts in content operation and marketing, leveraging content and data to drive building lasting brand equity. Lance currently has a large number of KOC resources, including more than 3,000 contracted KOCs and 500 contracted models to continuously output high-quality content marketing and investment for brand.

Our advantages, enable you to choose with confidence

Familiar with the domestic and foreign e-commerce environment, have a deep understanding of the development trend and technological innovation of the e-commerce industry,

and apply them to the e-commerce channel management

Omni-channel service integration
Our operation services cover the whole channel. and providing comprehensive services on various e-commerce platforms including Tmall,, Amazon, Dangdang, Yixun and other third party platforms
International vision, global strategy
We are committed to become the interpreter and practitioner of digital strategies for international and domestic brands, and to promote market-leading solutions around the world. Lance has established a completed local team and best practices in mainland China and Hong Kong and is working hard to expand into other markets.
long-term sustainable development
Based on strategic thinking, we take a long-term perspective on the risks and opportunities faced by our partners, and put ourselves in the shoes of a joint response.
Refinement Operation Precision Marketing
Whether it is store operation or content marketing, Lansi always provides customized solutions based on customer needs and its own rich experience to meet complex and ever-changing markets.
  • 张子平 


    2012年加入阿里巴巴,在天猫担任国际业务发展团队创始成员, 掌握阿里巴巴企业的内部经验和工作知识 在阿里巴巴的3年任期内,与苹果、Beats、Bose、亚马逊、 微软和英特尔建立了战略合作关系

  • Jake Astor


    在中国内地及香港工作生活十余年,在私募基金领域中经历优 越,也拥有2C创业经验;成立并经营HAWKR,一家总部位于香 港的东南亚外卖餐饮连锁店。


01/ 店铺运营    02/ 市场营销   

03/ 视觉设计    04/ 客户服务   

05/ 仓储物流    06/ 数据分析及汇报

Our Service

Multi-channel marketing pilot / High-quality and refined operation / New method data circulation / Full-link quality service

  • E-commerce Operation

    Maintain the daily operation and content operation of the entire store, ensure an excellent customer experience, and provide continuous and stable growth of online business. Provide comprehensive store setup services on different e-commerce platforms including the integration of official online stores, Tmall,, Amazon, Dangdang, Yixun and other third-party e-commerce platforms.

  • Store Livestream Service

    Maintain long-term cooperation with 10+ brands, the categories include not limited to skin care, beauty, 3C, home appliances, luggage categories, most of which are internationally renowned brands 60+ self-signed anchors, high-value anchor team customized activities / non-event period scripts, Live room exclusive home, rights patch and other brand exclusive custom live room decoration.

  • Visual and Creative Design

    More than 5 years of experience in e-commerce short video production, covering food, luggage, clothing accessories, electronic digital, beauty and other categories. Created a shooting line with different needs such as display, oral broadcasting, grass planting, street shooting, etc. The excellent workflow design and clear division of labor can make the whole line operate quickly and ensure the needs of the brand during activities on various platforms.

  • Customer Service

    Lance is equipped with an exclusive customer service team for the brand, and takes the professional call center KPI management as the model for the fine management of more than 40 indicators, and adopts different KPI assessments for different service channels, service-oriented and sales-oriented multi-dimensional assessment methods.

  • Warehouse and Logistics

    Lance's self-built logistics warehouse serves many well-known brands and has many years of mature management experience. Compared with most warehouses in the market, it has a price advantage. We also provide refined and personalized warehousing solutions for brand needs, strictly control the quality of goods entering and leaving the warehouse, and the defects and authenticity of returned goods to ensure delivery timeliness and accuracy.

  • User Operation

    Lance uses the independently developed DOD data analysis system and third-party data analysis software to collect and analyze data, and the marketing team provides customers with complete marketing services.

  • Out-station Content Seeding

    The product selling point and brand tonality are carefully crafted to achieve the ultimate goal of draining traffic from outside the station to the inside of the station. The internal and external linkage and cooperation models are flexible and diverse, and quickly cooperate with the brand's launch direction and strategy to create a win-win growth of the Internet's original ecology and brand. Do not aim for a single investment profit, but provide long-term value services.

  • In-station Content Marketing Promotion

    Guided by results, small-scale and high-frequency delivery, promotion risks and costs are controllable, 100+ fixed cooperation talents, customized recommendation and output according to the characteristics of talents, and build a bridge of communication for the cooperation between brands and talents. Established strategic cooperation with many well-known brands.

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Empower the enterprise transformation, cooperate with the business development, leading the company innovation.

Currently we provide services for more than 30 international well-known brands, helping enterprises to realize technological innovation,

improving the company operation efficiency and reducing the enterprise costs.