The difference between Lance and traditional TP companies

Most e-commerce operating companies only provide standardized services to customers — rather than operating like shareholders. Our characteristic is to take a different strategic approach from theirs. Based on strategic thinking, we take a long-term perspective on the risks and opportunities faced by our partners, and put ourselves in the shoes of a joint response. We firmly believe that in a highly competitive environment, long-term thinking is the key to realizing the full potential of a brand's value.

  • Focus on international SMEs
  • Become a long-term strategic partner


  • Focus on brand building


  • Integrate Chinese e-commerce channels + O2O

The difference between Lance and traditional MCN institutions

Most MCN agencies have no experience in e-commerce operations. Institutional channels increase prices layer by layer, and the fees are not transparent. The real number of fans and exposure are inaccurate, and there is moisture. Guided by a single delivery, it only focuses on the quantity of videos and images produced, and the delivery quality cannot be guaranteed.

Compared with traditional MCN institutions, Lance not only pays more attention to the quality of seeding, but also has rich experience in e-commerce operation.

Customize the delivery strategy according to the brand positioning, output the creative script, follow up the delivery effect in time, and ensure the implementation of the plan. And adjust the strategy in time to ensure the quality of the delivery according to the effect of the previous delivery.

  • Precise positioning and deep digging of product selling points

  • Charges below industry standard


  • First-hand real KOC high-quality resources


  • Tailor your strategy to your brand

  • Follow up the delivery effect to ensure the  implementation of the plan