1. Initial Introduction

Lance EC’s platform partners

We conduct due diligence and early introductions to learn about each other to learn about each other

2. Market Analysis

Based on first discussion, potential partner provides responses to key questions and initial e-commerce merchandising and investment plan

Lance EC conducts thorough analysis and provides first draft of operations plan


3. Strategic Alignment

Lance EC presents operations plan to potential partner and aligns overall e-commerce strategy

Partner reviews the plan and begins contract negotiation   

4. Official Cooperation

Lance EC finalizes the operations plan

Partner and Lance EC sign mutually aligned contract and kickoff official cooperation

Lance EC creates full-time dedicated team for partner

Lance EC is in close contact with partner’s marketing and supply chain team to align merchandising planning and design of the e-commerce store

5. Platform Negotiations

Lance EC together with partner meets with platform senior management to align on strategy and merchandising planAll parties align on official launch date of store and investment resources required for successful launch

6.Store Launch

Partner’s e-commerce store goes live