Ziping Zhang

Founder & CEO

Work Experience & Education

Joined Alibaba in 2012 as founding member of international business development team at, commanding inside experience and working knowledge of Alibaba businesses
In 3+ year tenure at Alibaba, originated strategic partnerships with Apple, Beats, Bose, Amazon, Microsoft and IntelBA from Dalian University, Computer Science


Lance EC Partners Served

Casio, Philips, MTG Group, ReFa, Hewlett Packard

Fedor Deichmann

Managing Partner

Work Experience & Education

Started career in investment banking as M&A Analyst at Lazard 
One of first five foreigners to join Alibaba Group's in 2014, serving as a key business developer for 3 years. Led China market entry projects for Dyson, Swarovski and Bosch
Previously CFO of Kraft Heinz’s E-commerce division in China 
BA (Honors) from Yale University
Fluent in Chinese


Lance EC Partners served

SMEG, Lazada