Professional services, help brand e-commerce marketing

Founded in 2016, the company is composed of former Alibaba members and is a unique, cross-cultural team with more than 100 employees.

We are specialists in content operations, leveraging content and data drive to build lasting brand equity. At present, Lancs has a huge amount of KOC resources, including more than 3000 signed KOC and 500 signed models to continuously output quality content for the brand.

Lancs is a strategic partner of Xingchang Xinda. As one of the earliest service providers of Tmall, Xingchang Xinda serves Dyson, BOSE, Benz and other outstanding international brands. It is also one of the few e-commerce service companies that won Alibaba's highest service rating of 6 stars.

We provide one-stop service for international brands to help them easily enter the Chinese market. At present, Lancs has reached cooperative relations with more than 10 international famous brands.

Our faith

Lance believes Chinese e-commerce is the most efficient way to connect East and West. So we want to shape a world of greater cross-cultural understanding and empathy through our work.