We offer professional service to help brand for e-commerce marketing

Founded in 2016 by Alibaba alumni and based in Shanghai, Lance has a unique cross-cultural team of over 100 employees.

We are specialists in content creation and operation, using content anddata-driven principles to build durable brand equity. Lance has a huge amountof KOC resources with more than 3000 signed KOCs and 500 signed models to continuously provide quality content for brands. 

Lance is a strategic partner of XCXD, a veteran e-commerce operations provider established one year after the founding of Alibaba (2000). XCXD is one of Tmall's most accredited operators with RMB 3.5+ Bn in GMV (2018), serving top international brands such as Dyson, Bose and Benz exclusively as long-term strategic partners. We provide one-stop solution to international brands to help them to develop their China presence. Up until now, Lance has established partnership swith more than 10 famous international brands. Lance is a recommended Tmall partner. 

What We Believe In

We believe that China’s e-commerce is the fastest gateway to building a bond between the West and the East. With that in mind, we hope to utilize our work to shape a world of deeper cross- cultural understanding and compassion.