Build long-term brand equity with content and data drive

Lance is an expert in e-commerce business and digital marketing, leveraging content and data-driven efforts to build lasting brand equity through engaged fan bases, partnering with brands to build long-term partnerships based on trust and transparency.

  • Better understanding of marketing content traffic mechanics

    More than 10 years of experience in e-commerce operation, with a thorough understanding of channel sales. Master the latest content flow distribution mechanism of e-commerce platform at the first time, and have a one-stop strategy to content landing team.

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    Rich talent resources

    First hand blogger resources, KOL direct signature, star resources, network talent, general people, to match different brands and different product needs.

  • Official multi-platform partner

    Xiaohongshu, Tmall and other multi-platform official content partners. Content marketing is responsible for the linkage between data from different platforms and Tmall search data.

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    High quality content output

    Set up a professional content team, effectively combine user buying and brand selling points to understand users, products and styles, and master the methodology of popular notes. Combined with a strong production team, always create higher value for customers.

  • The data analysis

    Based on Baidu, what, Zhihu, Toutiao, Xiaohongshu and other diversified channel data, optimize keywords, creativity, user experience, etc., to achieve the effect of traffic improvement, transformation improvement, cost reduction, customer acquisition improvement.

  • Accurate content dissemination

    Combined with user portrait, user concerns and brand differentiation, according to different characteristics, choose more suitable channels and forms of expression (SEO/SEM, Toutiao, Zhihu, Xiaohongshu...)

Marketing Service Content


    Market insightandanalysis

    • Category analysis/customer group analysis/public opinion analysis
    • Competitive product analysis/brand analysis
  • Idea mining

      • Strategy idea / Creative idea / Perform idea

    Professional advisers

    • Media platform selection/talent content creation
    • KOL strategy/Promotion streaming strategy

    Content production

    • Tailor-made script (planting grass, selling goods, entertainment)
    • Visual design, shooting and post processing
    • Product diagram, scene diagram, model diagram customization service

    Brand number operation

    • Fan Interactive Operation/Little Red Book Professional number
    • Douyin Enterprise number/browse the brand number


    • KOL operation and maintenance/super anchor cooperation/public opinion monitoring

Part of Marketing cases


Explosive notes will feed back traffic to Tmall within 48-72 hours to increase the search traffic of hand Tao

· Brand sound volume increased by 100%, driving the overall sales to increase by 20%

· After a wave of monthly sales is put in before 2 times

· Brand from a single KOC to KOL+ cast flow change. The budget is increased from 20W/month to 50W

90 points content marketing results

In-station cycling - recommended flow optimization   

· The proportion of recommended traffic in the total traffic of the store increased from 5% to 20%

· The ratio of 20% recommended traffic is the basic Benchmark value optimized to the present

· For special resources such as 618 and Interactive City, the denominator of total store traffic will increase sharply, leading to a decrease in the proportion of recommended traffic

Old Phoenix content marketing results

Old Phoenix honey piece put in 2 months, single product successful breakthrough   

· Single product search visitors accounted for 84% of the total store search visitors

· Single product visitors increased 59% quality sales treasure visitors increased 63%

· The number of visitors to Pin Pin Bao increased by 63%