Core Creative team

We have a core team of more than a dozen different professional members, the average working experience of more than 5 years,

design, hand painting, 3D modeling rendering, special effects, photography...

We can customize creative vision according to customer needs, provide creative planning, meet the difficulty of different projects, different sizes of services.

Lance's visual creative team, based on Lance's overall strategic thinking, always considers the long-term development of the brand to develop the execution plan.

We hope that the output content is conducive to the future development of the brand, rather than simply from the short-term benefits to please customers.



Short video production advantages


Creative visual production experience

More than 5 years of brand cooperation experience, covering food, bags, clothing accessories, electronics, digital, beauty and other categories and projects to shoot more than 1500 short videos.


Quality Model Resources

Having been deeply engaged in the e-commerce industry for many years, we have accumulated a lot of experience in short video cooperation with models, and signed a large number of network celebrities, models, broadcasting hosts, actors and other resources. Plus the cooperation with economic companies and talent, more than 500+ model resources.


Experience in short video production

Integrating a professional short video production team of more than a dozen people, three professional short video production lines, with a maximum of 30 short videos per day, to meet the shooting of different needs such as product display, oral broadcasting, grass planting, street shooting, etc. The needs of each platform activity.

Short video shooting  |  Micro detail production    |    Creative picture and text shooting   |  Poster design